Genre: Horror, Drama
Running Time: 1 hr 40 min
Directed by: HAIL MARY: Rosemary Rodriguez

HAIL MARY is a genre-bending retelling of the Mary and Joseph story that begs the question – who are the real monsters? Maria is a 17-year-old girl from Belize who finds herself mysteriously pregnant. We find her walking, following the north star, to safety across the US/Mexican border. She’s trying to escape a deadly virus and being chased by the right-hand man of the devil (Baal). Along the way she meets Jose, a mediocre carpenter who happens to have helped build a tunnel under the Rio Grande for the Cartels. As they join forces with Gabrielle (the Angel Gabriel), the cartels and US Border Patrol join the chase. This subliminally subversive monster movie might just have unexpected fans cheering for an undocumented pregnant migrant to make it safely across the US Border. Plays with THE WOLF'S LAMENT (3 min) by Scott Cardona, the story of what happens when a new neighbor moves into the woods and disrupts the wolf's week.


Program 2: Midnight Sessions

Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy
Running Time: 4 min 35 sec
Directed by: Ryan Maples

A spec teaser short horror comedy about a punk band dealing with a rival group whose music just so happens to turn anyone who hears it into demons. Now the punk group must band together to survive a literal night from Hell. This is a short teaser film, setting up the larger story.


Program 6: Female Gaze

Genre: Thriller, Horror, Drama, Comedy
Running Time: 17 min
Directed by: Linnea Frye, Adam Pinney

Lily is out on a dinner date with her boyfriend Bart, expecting a proposal, when he unexpectedly chops off her hand. As Lily works on recovering, she begins to feel phantom pains where her hand used to be, so her doctor gives her a therapeutic mirror box to help with the discomfort. However, as she begins to use the box, she realizes there's a side effect: she can see real phantoms in the mirror. Specifically, she begins to see the obituaries of multiple dead women who experienced recent and mysterious deaths come to life. As Lily learns these women's stories, their lives and deaths begin to intertwine in a journey of self-discovery, female empowerment, and the quest for justice.

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