Genre: Action
Running Time: 1 hr 27 min
Directed by: Yinghuai Qian

The story of an assassin who stops killing because of his goodness, but is used by others in a conspiracy that results in irreparable killings, after which he sees through human nature and returns to the Ghost Assassin Alliance.


Program Special: Asian Film Series

Genre: Thriller, Action
Running Time: 30 min
Directed by: Tanxuan Shi, Ziyuan Wang

Isabella, an out- of- date girl group idol who is experiencing a double crisis of career and age, decides to make a comeback with live-streaming; she plans to become a Chinese head influencer by selling an emerging medical bio-sector fund in North America. But her live stream spiraled out of control with the intrusion of a hacker who threatens to release a deadly biochemical virus...


Program Special Shorts: Latin Film Series

Genre: Drama, Action
Running Time: 20 min
Directed by: Maria Valdez

Los Angeles – 2053, After a bloody civil war, women of color are captured and sterilized as a form of population control. Vida and a group of resistance fighters are getting ready to escape, but suddenly one of their own is captured, and they’re forced to decide between saving themselves or saving her.

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