Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy
Running Time: 1 hr 32 min
Directed by: Michael Lukk Litwak

MOLLI AND MAX IN THE FUTURE is a Sci-Fi Romantic Comedy about a man and woman whose orbits repeatedly collide over the course of 12 years, 4 planets, 3 dimensions and one space-cult.


Genre: Romance, Drama
Running Time: 2 hr 5 min
Directed by: Hassan Said

Set in contemporary San Francisco, Jules, a dedicated bohemian theatre actress struggles and confronts what seems to be an unhappy stifled marriage, a dead end theatre industry, and a city that is outgrowing her. Jules realizes she needs to escape her current life. On a beautiful winter night of their seven year anniversary, James, her husband, an inspired beatnik writer, surprises Jules with a well prepared romantic dinner, yet Jules had forgotten all about it. Later on that cold evening, James hands Jules a letter that is addressed from New York, she realizes it has been opened. Jules reads it anxiously and discovers that she has been accepted into an off-Broadway show and they look forward to having her in the Spring. As the night progresses, their marriage unravels secrets they both kept from each other. James confesses about a one-night stand admitting infidelity. Jules' response is unexpectedly forgiving and gentle. The truth of how they feel for each other spills out intensely through quarrel after quarrel revealing a false reality of their union. Jules and James realize that their marriage has become a place unrecognizable to what they had always imagined as their future together is put to the test. Will their love in the end conquer all?


Webseries Program 1

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
Running Time: 55 min
Directed by: Angela Cohen

Girl at a Bar is a short form series about a young woman's journey to bars alone for a year to reclaim her identity after half a decade debilitated with Lyme disease. Gabby spent years disabled with Lyme and now significantly recovered, she is ready to get her life back, so she plans a party to celebrate her improved health. But everyone flakes. So she goes to the bar up the street and there she realizes no-one treats her like she’s sick and for once, her health is not the focus. Gabby decides to keep going to bars alone, to explore her city and herself as a more able-bodied woman- still grappling with her past and managing her illness, but redefining her future. Made possible by Bay Area Lyme Foundation, the project is inspired by the writer and creator Tracy Mulholland's blog and true story of being disabled with Lyme.


Genre: Romance, Drama
Running Time: 1 hr 44 min
Directed by: Nicki Micheaux

In 1993, a college grad feels the wrath of her father when she refuses law school to focus on her poetry. Disowned, she moves to Denver and uses her creativity to speak out against the gang violence. When those close to her die, she finds herself in deep and spirals out of control. Reconciling with her family she self-acceptance, and within her a passion to live and honor those that can’t.

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