Date and Time
Sat, November 4, 2023
@ 10:30 PM

Regal LA Live: Theater 13

Program 2: Midnight Sessions

What is it like to navigate our world as an artificially intelligent robot? What is there to learn about homo sapiens in order to become as 'human' as possible? Three pairs of robots take us through their learning process. They track, analyse and draw information by watching people in different life situations. But their algorithmic vision comes in contrast with a meditative, rather poetic dialogue in which they deconstruct and reassemble the definition of humanity as we know it.

Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 14 min
Directed by: Alina Manolache

About the Director(s)

Alina Manolache is a Romanian filmmaker. Her practice stands at the intersection between documentary cinema and education. Featured by Filmmaker Magazine as one of the best female directors of IDFA 2020, Manolache signed several acclaimed short films and one feature-length documentary "Lost Kids on the Beach", 2020), as well as commissioned web docs for VICE and The Guardian. She was an artist-in-residence in Paris, has served on international juries (CPH:DOX, Mons, among others) and has given workshops and mentorship to aspiring filmmakers around the world, collaborating with the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Kunst Hochschule Kassel, among others. Currently, she contributes as a visiting lecturer at Hochschule Design & Kunst Luzern, Switzerland, and she works on her sophomore feature documentary, "Chronicles of an Aimless Summer" (in production).

Film Info

Trailer: N/A
Release Year: 19-Nov-22
Country: Romania

Cast & Credits


Print Source:, +40723024402

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