Date and Time
Thu, November 2, 2023
@ 9pm

Regal LA Live: Theater 11

Method Sampling is the principle used by an Oakland, CA globetrotting orchestra which fuses hip-hop and classical music to magical effect. JooWan Kim, its Korean born composer, believes that any paradigm shifting change only happens by sampling and reframing differences and sparking innovation. To test his hypothesis, he meets a disabled choreographer who revolutionized modern dance, a self-taught Black mycologist who wrote the first books on Cordyceps cultivation, and a tiny house builder with a shipbuilding background who looks at houses as inverted boats. In addition, he meets the Italian Critical Theorist, Fabio Vighi, to explore how Method Sampling may allow society to overcome the challenges it faces today.

Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 56 min
Directed by: Josh Nesmith, Matt Boman

About the Director(s)

Josh Nesmith is a filmmaker from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Having studied music at the undergraduate, his transition into film possesses a distinct focus on music industry clientele; and has since produced films, documentaries, and music videos with grammy award winning artists, record labels, and brands. His work has been featured on Vice, CMT, Majestic Casual, and Veeps. Josh uses his field specific knowledge in music to reach an intimate depth in understanding among the artists he collaborates with, and regards his musical background as inseparable as well as integral aspect to his cinematic style. Josh's foray into feature length documentary was as a contributing DP for "Flamekeeper" which tells the story of Michael Cleveland, who overcomes blindness and partial deafness to become the most awarded fiddler of all time. "Flamekeeper" premiered in 2019 at the Country Music Hall of Fame and has later been released on Amazon Prime.

Film Info

Release Year: 2023
Country: United States

Cast & Credits

Cast: JooWan Kim, Christopher Nicholas,
Marc Brew, Abel Zimmerman Zyl,
William Padilla Brown, Edward Albert James.
Robert Berretta,Samantha McShane,
Fabio Vighi


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