Date and Time
Sat, September 17, 2022
@ 12:30 pm PST

Regal LA Live: Theater 12

TV Pilots Series Block II

"How to Hack Birth Control’ is a 3-segment pilot of the satire series 'How to Hack' by Sassy Mohen. The pilot focuses on how to navigate and take charge in today’s contraception universe. Told through the sharp wit and perky charm of the narrator Ruth (Xanthe Paige), Birth Control takes a run at ‘not supposed to talk about,’ scenarios and answers all of the questions women truly want to know but are taught to be too afraid to ask. Filled with tongue-in-cheek graphics and special effects, musical numbers and game shows, each memorable contraceptive milestone is a riotous new discovery.

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 27 minutes and 16 seconds
Directed by: Sassy Mohen

WomenSocial JusticePoliticsHealth

About the Director(s)

Sassy Mohen has written, directed, produced, and edited multiple award-winning films, TV Pilots, Music Videos, Commercials, Specs, and Web series. Her hot topic comedy satire HOW TO HACK BIRTH CONTROL is currently smashing the festival circuit and has won, BEST PICTURE, BEST TV SERIES, BEST DIRECTOR & BEST EDITING. FEAR ACTUALLY was released to rave reviews and won three BEST FEMALE DIRECTOR AWARDS. FX Network tapped her for their online web channel, THIS IS AOK, to write, direct, produce and edit their online comedy shorts. She also won accolades with her rom-com web series ABOUT ABBY and the tv pilot

Film Info

Cast & Credits

Executive Producer: Sassy Mohen and Vince Yearly
Producer: Steve Cubine
Co-Producer: Sam Clevenger and Ana Foiu
Screenwriter: Sassy Mohen
Cinematographer: Dino Dumandan
Editor: Sassy Mohen
Composer: Alex Butler
Cast: Jackie Jacobson, Austin Powell, Aisha Renee Holden, Megan Rach, Lauren Elizabeth Harris, and Danny Royce


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