Date and Time
Sun, November 5, 2023
@ 4:40pm

Regal LA Live: Theater 13

Program 7: Funny Threads

After Evie dresses up like her estranged grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, on HERITAGE DAY at school, she becomes increasingly obsessed with this dark part of her family history.

Genre: Drama, Comedy
Running Time: 20 min
Directed by: Lara Everly

About the Director(s)

Lara Everly is an award-winning director who celebrates female-driven content and dark comedy. An Upright Citizens Brigade graduate, Lara’s sharp wit and clever comedy sensibility first gained attention in her sketch comedy content. She's adept at bringing humor to unexpected topics and disrupting the status quo. As a filmmaker, her narrative films and documentaries have played the film festival circuit, winning awards and procuring distribution through Amazon, ShortsHD and New Wave Entertainment. Lara has written and directed for a range of platforms including Disney, Netflix Family, Refinery29, Scary Mommy, Oprah, Funny or Die, Awestruck, Swing Left, Acronym, Babycenter and more. As a commercial director, she’s worked with Fisher Price, Walmart, Little Tikes, Supermajority, Netflix, Future Forward, Schwarzkopf to name a few. Everly is launching her television directing career this fall with “American Auto” for NBC. When she is not wrangling a cast and crew, Lara’s wrangling her children and rescue pets. And most importantly, she won the California Science Fair at 12-years-old. She is repped by Gersh Talent Agency, Echo Lake Entertainment and Backyard.

Film Info

Trailer: N/A
Release Year: 15-Jun-23
Country: United States

Cast & Credits


Print Source:, 8184159594

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