Date and Time
Sun, September 18, 2022
@ 7:05 pm PST

Regal LA Live: Theater 12

Two recent exes with an undeniable connection confront what could have been had their cultural differences not pushed them to new lives on opposite coasts. As both come to a crossroads in their lives, Keir and Jade must decide if their relationship is worth a second chance, and what they're willing to give up to find out. The film explores a long-distance interracial romance in three discrete acts: his story, her story, and their past together.

Genre: Romance, Drama
Running Time: 1:39:23
Directed by: Kali Baker-Johnson

About the Director(s)

After spending years working in media education, new media and broadcast journalism on the East Coast, Kali decided to move to Los Angeles and delve head-first into movie-making as a Directing Fellow at Chapman University. His award-winning short films have screened at film festivals at home and abroad,

Film Info

Premiere: West Coast Premiere. Film was screened at the American Black Film Festival in Miami
Release Year: 2022
Country: United States
Language: English
Twitter: N/A
YouTube: N/A

Cast & Credits

Producer: Lola Ridgell, Brandon Tarver, Sarah Alammuri
Co-Producer: Matthew Giovannucci, Edwin Tovar
Screenwriter: Kali Baker-Johnson
Cinematographer: Reed Choinski
Editor: Kali Baker-Johnson, Shelby Baldock
Composer: Small Professor
Cast: Robinson, Nican; Molani, Misha; Adams, Mysti; Owen, Taylor; Gallenstein, Matthew; Kumar, Sapna; Dev, Ari; Benerjee, Mohana; Mackedanz, Joe; Chrico, Paul; Deveaux, Theresa; Taylor, Jarrol.



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