Be part of the excitement of the 9th Annual DTLA Film Festival

As a sponsor the 2017 DTLA Film Festival, you will join a prestigious group of past and present sponsors. We are proud to have provided a platform for these and many other stellar brands since 2008!

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8 Reasons To Use Event Marketing
To Promote Your Product or Service:

  1. Increase brand loyalty: Effective marketing is no longer tied to eyeballs but heartstrings, and there’s no better way of connecting with potential customers on an emotional level than event sponsorship.
  2. Cost-effective awareness and visibility: Event sponsorship can expose a brand to a vast publicity opportunities – print, online, television, radio – that many sponsors simply couldn’t afford otherwise.
  3. Change, update or reinforce a brand: When Mountain Dew wanted to change its image from yahoo-hillbilly to cool-youth, it turned to event sponsorship via sponsorship of extreme street sports competitions, and dramatically increased its share in the target market.
  4. Drive retail sales: Events are ideal for traffic-building promotions to drive sales at the retail level, e.g., distribution of discount coupons and vouchers.
  5. Showcase community responsibility: In this era where customers are willing to reward and punish companies with their wallets based on their corporate citizenship, event sponsorship is the most visible way companies can give back to the community. Call it brand burnishing.
  6. Demonstrate and differentiate attributes: In the ocean of advertising and marketing white noise, showcasing products and services at events is the most effective way for a company to show (literally!) the specific attributes of its products /services, and how they differentiate from competitors.
  7. Narrowcasting: Event sponsorship allows companies to hone in on niche markets without any waste.
  8. Entertain clients and reward employees: Most companies are not in the business of creating enjoyable leisure activities for their clients or their employees. Being treated like a VIP at creative event can be a highly effective way for companies to solidify relationships with their most important customers and their own sales executives.