Los Angeles’ New Tech Scene Flourishes Downtown

Last fall, Portal A decided it needed to move. The digital content studio, best known for creating the annual YouTube Rewind video, had been in its first floor offices in the Los Angeles Times Building for a little more than a year, but it was already at capacity. On any given day, the 20 full-time

How downtown Los Angeles made a stunning comeback

Downtown Los Angeles has transformed from a business district to a center of culture.

From shabby to chic, downtown LA gets a facelift

Once a bleak neighborhood of deserted streets and half-empty office buildings, downtown Los Angeles is experiencing a stunning revival as restaurants, businesses and new residents pour into the city. Read Full Story

New businesses are pouring into this once shady area, but nobody wants to see it cleaned up entirely

Raan Parton, Creative Director and co-founder of the Apolis apparel brand, moved to L.A.’s Arts District in 2006. The compact neighborhood, sandwiched between Downtown and the L.A. River, used to have a sordid reputation. Parton lived in a large loft that “didn’t really have any windows” but had a colorful history. The space was referred

Downtown LA’s Development Has Been a Decade in the Making

This is how it happens For anyone who has grown up in Los Angeles, the return of Downtown as a thriving cultural center must have seemed all but impossible just ten short years ago. Notwithstanding the rise of Staples Center in 1999, the area was from the 1990’s through the late 2000’s a place that

Downtown Film Festival Accepting Submissions

The DTLA Film Festival won’t open until the fall, but organizers are now looking for submissions.

Downtown Los Angeles Is Expected To Add 125,000 Residents In The Next 20 Years

As the City of Los Angeles looks to the next 20 years of development, it has drafted a set of guidelines for downtown's continued boom. The plan, known as DTLA 2040, expects an additional 125,000 residents to move to the neighborhood by that time—joining the roughly 60,000 that already call the 5.8 square mile area